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Workshop Descriptions

Sweet Solstice Restorative – Summer

Saturday June 23, 1:00-4:00pm

A popular workshop filled with gentle movement, restorative yoga, reflection and meditation, come mindfully celebrate our connection to the natural cycle of the seasons. Our lives can be very busy and filled with both difficulty and beauty. Give yourself the gift of pausing and listening in during these natural transitions. All welcome. Limited space, so please register soon.

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Summer Retreat Day at RiverSound with Lisa Silverstein and Jacqueline Gilbey

Sunday July 8th, 10am-4:30pm

Recharge your batteries with a full day of yoga and meditation in this beautiful setting on the banks of the Grand River. The morning yoga session will invigorate and stimulate your mind and body with enough variations for each individual to challenge and honour themself. The afternoon session will be a slower, more introspective practice allowing time to unwind with quiet restorative poses and mindfulness meditation. Along with the yoga sessions there will be free time to connect with the earth and woods and share conversation or silence with others. Nourish yourself with a wholesome vegetarian lunch and snacks prepared with love. The yoga studio at Riversound Retreat is a beautifully constructed yurt, designed intentionally for inner inquiry and outer play, just 20 minutes from downtown Guelph. This day away from the busy-ness of life will provide plenty of opportunity for creating space and ease in the body and mind.

Space is limited so register early.

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Yoga for Childbirth with Lisa and Barry GillOrme

Sunday July 22, 4-6pm

This workshop will provide a holistic approach to breathing, toning, partner-assisted yoga postures, supportive massage and meditation practices to help with labour. Birth partners will learn valuable tools to assist through pregnancy and childbirth. Most importantly, it will be a fun and loving time to bond with each other and your baby and prepare for the birth experience.

Recommended for second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

$25 + hst for one person
$40 + hst for two
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Restorative Yoga with Lisa Silverstein

Sun. July 29th, 4-6pm
Sun. August 26th, 4-6pm

Rest and relaxation have a deep rejuvenating power. By using various props to support the body in various yoga postures, the poses can be held for longer periods, allowing the awareness and breath to move deeply inside. As the body progressively relaxes, there is an opportunity for stress and tension to melt away and healing and renewal to take place. This practice can be deeply nourishing for all levels of practitioners.

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 Summer Morning Intensive with Lisa Silverstein

Mon. August 20th – Fri. August 24th, 7-8:15am

Early morning is a powerful time for yoga practice. Stretch and strengthen muscles, connect to your breath, become mindful, and notice how it sets the tone for your day. The morning intensive will include asana(yoga poses), pranayama( breathing practices), and meditation. With 5 days of morning practice you will feel the cumulative health benefits of yoga. Open to all levels. Drop ins are welcome.

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Developmental Movement for Embodied Resilience with Jane Clapp and Diane Bruni

Sat. November 17th, 9:30am-3:30pm

Join Diane Bruni and Jane Clapp for a foundational understanding of developmental movement patterns, the impact that traumatic stress has on our autonomic nervous system, and the ability to enhance stress and trauma recovery through revisiting movement, including those we performed before we had language.

Jane and Diane bring an innovative combination of somatic emotional resourcing and movement exploration, including Diane’s innovative Body Loops as a tool to create more containment, sensory feedback and embodied resilience. Suitable for all levels of experience including those who have experienced trauma and have done substantial personal psychotherapeutic work, movement lovers and teachers wishing to deepen their understanding of the impact stress has on our bodies and movement patterns.

To read more about Diane and Jane, please see Special Guests.

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