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Special Guests

Special Guests & Substitute Teachers

From time to time, we invite other teachers to share classes with our community.

Barbara Quinlan

Founder of the Yoga Room in Guelph, Barb is a qualified yoga instructor and yoga therapist who has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for 25 years. Barb has deepened her yoga practice through private studies at theKrishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India with T.K.V. Desikichar, and with his senior teacher Dr. N. Chandrasekaranthrough his Yoga Vaidya Sala in Chennai, India. This approach, often known as Viniyoga,  is based on the ancient practice of yoga where the emphasis is on the co-ordination of breath and movement, drawing the awareness inward. It is a therapeutic yoga where the yoga asanas prescribed vary between individuals. It is ideally suited for individual work as well as group classes.

We are delighted to have Barb teach Introduction to the Yoga Sutras Sat Feb 10, 9:30am-3pm.

Lisa Detwiler

Lisa is a Registered Psychotherapist, and a Registered Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience working in mental health in a wide range of settings in Toronto, and Guelph. She has a passion for teaching mindfulness, and she has completed a Certificate  in Mindfulness Based Group Practice from the Sunnybrook Psychiatry Institute for Continuing Education in Toronto. She started her training in mindfulness in 2013 at which time she began her daily mindfulness practice.  Lisa has taught several Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy groups in Guelph, as well as weekly mindfulness sessions for adults as part of their mental health recovery treatment programs. She has co-authored “A Compendium of Counselling & Psychotherapy Resources for Occupational Therapists”, second edition, which includes a chapter dedicated to mindfulness. The heart of Lisa’s work is to continue to bring the benefits of mindfulness to more and more people.

Lisa D is offering an 8-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy program March 4-April 29. Click here to find out more.

Michelle Fraser

Michelle is a pelvic health advocate and educator who works with persons of all genders experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction and those interested in understanding the complexities of pelvic health. In addition to being an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist, Michelle is a certified yoga instructor, enriching her finely tuned treatment methods with the benefits of mindful movement.

Heather (Finlayson) Fenton

Heather first met with Buddhist teachings in the Fall of 2000, and has since spent her time avidly exploring the nature of mind. Drawn initially to the teachings on emptiness and the Lojong practices of training the mind, she studied almost exclusively within a westernized-Tibetan tradition for her first decade of practice. Her path then led her in the direction of nondual teachings, Vipassana practices, and generally into a more embodied somatic approach. Most recently, Heather has taken up asana practice and will graduate a year-long 200-hour yoga teacher training program at the end of 2017.
Over the years, Heather has led regular meditation sessions and workshops in the Guelph area. Her main interest has been to introduce simple meditation and mindfulness practices without cultural or religious trappings, and to encourage others – whatever their background or beliefs – to build and sustain a daily practice of stillness and inner reflection. Heather is an independent graphic designer by trade, who now lives and loves with her husband, teenage stepkids and two teeny tiny wiener dogs in Port Colborne, Ontario.

Julia Tkach

Julia ​graduated from teacher training at Living Yoga ​& Health​ in 2014​.
She ​has been exploring yoga ​for ​6 years ​including​ traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga practices.​ Julia has explained that initially her goal to improve the physical state of the body soon ​opened to discover that asana practice translates deeply into other parts of ​the being. She ​added philosophy, meditation, chanting, pranayama, and other practices​ to her yoga practice finding improve​d​ concentration and ​a calmer state of mind.
She ​believes that yoga is a life-long journey that begins with being curious about yourself, your body and mind. Her classes combine fun and lighthearted explorations of asana, breathing, and concentration with strong foundation of knowledge and compassion.