Living Yoga & Health


Mom Yoga, with Lisa Nevar-Landsmann

Wednesdays. February 21 – March 28. 10:00-11:15am

Registration recommended. Drop-ins welcome.

A great class to get you out and about with your pre-crawling little one! Enjoy taking the time to stretch and release the tension from your new mom body. Particular attention is given to each mom’s healing and energy, to ensure your experience is positive and useful for your day-to-day. Babies will join us for some of the poses.

$70+hst, 5-week series (no class March 14). Register Now

Qigong Yoga and Meditation, with Leslie MacMillan

Thursdays. February 22 – March 29. 8:30-9:45am

Pre-registration recommended. Drop-ins welcome.

This class is a complementary blend of Qigong (Qi = life energy; Gong = work) and Yoga. Yoga asanas, which help to strengthen, stretch and realign the body are combined with flowing Qigong movements and massage, which help to generate and move energy throughout the body. Breath work and meditation are woven into each class to create a strong foundation for this practice.

$84+hst, 6-week series. Register Now

Yoga for Anxiety, with Elisabeth Schramm

Tuesdays. February 20 – March 27. 5:30-7:00pm

PLEASE NOTE: This class has been postponed until the Spring session. 

In this workshop we explore the experience of anxiety through yoga and mindfulness practices. The experience of anxiety is present in every living creature, and we humans are no different. Anxiety manifests with physical sensations that are unpleasant, so much so that we can become fearful of fear. The mind gets involved by telling stories about how awful this experience is, we may dwell in stories from the past and worry about the future. We instinctively try to self-regulate when we experience something unpleasant in the body/mind, and so you may have turned to strategies that help in the moment, but have negative side effects.

Through yoga and mindfulness we have the opportunity to develop a new relationship with anxiety. To be able to notice the physical and mental experience, to be curious about it, with an attitude of radical acceptance. We will explore practices that soothe the central nervous system and begin to practice this “other” possibility. Mindfulness practices bring the attention into the present moment and gently shift us away from rumination and worry. The body and mind have the capacity to relax and experience calm, and this becomes possible through time, attention and practice.

This class is appropriate for those new to yoga, as well as those with experience – all are welcome!

$90+hst, 6-week series. Register Now


Pop-Up Somatics Class: the Green Light Reflex with Sandi Beaupre

Please note that the date of this class has been changed to Thursday March 8th, 7:15pm-8:45pm!

Do you suffer from any of these associated conditions (Back pain, Ruptured/Bulging disc, Hamstring Tension, SI joint discrepancy, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Piriformis Syndrome)?

Somatics, a safe and common sense alternative to drugs and surgery can help you attain:

In this class you will learn:
What Sensory Motor Amnesia, Pandiculation and the 3 Stress Reflexes are and practice the basic movements of the Green Light Reflex to reduce pain, and move with more ease.

$20 + hst. Register Now

The SI Joints, with Gina Giammarco

Sunday February 25. 1:00pm-4:00pm

Registration recommended. Drop-ins welcome.

If your SI joints bother you, this workshop is for you!

The sacroiliac joints are structurally responsible for absorbing and transmitting forces and when they get grumpy, man do we know it. This workshop will explore the design and purpose, potential reasons for pain and discomfort and ways to strengthen and improve their function. You’ll leave with a whole new way to appreciate and use your SIs.

$45+hst. Register Now

Mindfulness Practice for Schools, with Ken Hood

Mondays. February 26 – March 26. 7:30-8:45pm

Registration recommended. Drop-ins welcome.

This five class series is intended for primary and high school teachers who are beginners to mindfulness and meditation. It is simple, practical and will cover several essential practices such as calming the mind, seeing clearly and self-compassion. The course is geared to supporting teachers personally but will conclude with a focused conversation about how these and other mind-training practices can be used:

to benefit teachers, personally and professionally.

to benefit students in the classroom.

in an ongoing community of support, both in person and digitally i.e. a website of
best practices.

to transform school culture.

$70+hst, 5-week series. Register Now