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Somatic Yoga & Meditation, with Sandi Beaupre and Heather Fenton

Sun Oct 22, 1-4pm

This afternoon workshop will alternate between movement and stillness, combining Hanna Somatic Education with periods of seated meditation. Instead of struggling to seat ourselves in traditional meditation postures, we will unwind and release both physical and mental tension through slow and subtle movements, allowing a calmness to arise that will naturally deepen concentration and awareness.

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Yoga for Anxiety, with Elisabeth Schramm

This is a 6-week series: Oct 31th – Dec 5th , 5:45pm-7pm

Please note that this series will start one week later than originally scheduled. This means the first class will be Tues Oct 31st.

In this workshop we explore the experience of anxiety through yoga and mindfulness practices.
The experience of anxiety is present in every living creature, and we humans are no different.
Anxiety manifests with physical sensations that are unpleasant, so much so that we can
become fearful of fear. The mind gets involved by telling stories about how awful this
experience is, we may dwell in stories from the past and worry about the future. We
instinctively try to self-regulate when we experience something unpleasant in the body/mind,
and so you may have turned to strategies that help in the moment, but have negative side
Through yoga and mindfulness we have the opportunity to develop a new relationship with
anxiety. To be able to notice the physical and mental experience, to be curious about it, with
an attitude of radical acceptance. We will explore practices that soothe the central nervous
system and to begin to practice this ‘other’ possibility. Mindfulness practices bring the
attention into the present moment and gently shifting away from rumination and worry. The
body and mind have the capacity to relax and experience calm, and this becomes possible
through time, attention and practice.
This class is appropriate for those new to yoga, and well as those with experience – all are

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Kids Yoga on a PD Day, with Lisa Cipparone

Fri Oct 27th, 10:30am-12:30pm

Classes incorporate age appropriate kids yoga postures, brain gym activities, breathing exercises, cooperative yoga games, creative movement, meditation, relaxation, and simple visualization exercises in a fun, supportive, friendly environment. In this 2 hour class your child will learn playful relaxation techniques, and calming strategies. They will also gain improved balance, coordination, strength, cooperation skills and flexibility. These fun-filled energetic classes also include a craft and two healthy gluten and nut free snacks. Other PD days this fall: Nov 24 (ages: 4-11, flexible)

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Strengthening Bodies for the Love of Movement Part 1, with Gina Giammarco

Sun Oct 29th, 1-4pm

Learning what a ‘deconvenienced life’ is and how to prepare for it. Find out what “youthing” is. Understanding movement, where it comes from, why it’s so important, especially as we age, and how to incorporate more of it into everyday. (Part 2 Nov 26, Part 3 Dec 3)

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Yoga for Childbirth, with Lisa and Barry GillOrme

Sun Oct 29th, 4-6pm

This workshop will provide a holistic approach to breathing, toning, partner-assisted yoga postures, supportive massage and meditation practices to help with labour.

Birth partners will learn valuable tools to assist through pregnancy and childbirth. Most importantly, it will be a fun and loving time to bond with each other and your baby and prepare for the birth experience. Recommended for second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

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