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Oct 15, 2017

Class Highlight: Chair Class with Gina Giammarco

The Chair Class is the perfect fit for anyone looking to improve their balance, strength and mobility. There’s no need to get down on the floor (and the sometimes daunting task of getting back up again) and yet, we manage to work the entire body. The first part of the class is spent “youthing”. A warm up of muscles and bones, lubricating joints to prepare for movement. This too begins to develop the structural awareness of our body’s design and joint function in conjunction with muscular strength.
Our practice is based on stabilizing and mobilizing, to strengthen the body, not only for daily activities but also to learn about and understand concepts of alignment and balance within the body for better body balance.
And we laugh and have a lot of fun.
Friday mornings at 10am in the beautiful and accessible studio @ Flo 260 Waterloo Ave, Guelph ON. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

About Gina:

Since 1998, when I discovered Jayelle Lindsay and Living Yoga & Health, I began the never-ending journey to discover me. Inspired by Jayelle and her impassioned and inspirational teaching, I became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2001. During all of this I was a full-time waitress and needed to keep my body strong to keep my job and keep me happy at it. Since my days of dancing at the Bullring in 1984, I’ve explored aerobics, water-aerobics (certified), Zumba (certified), swimming, Nordic-pole walking (certified), TRX (certified), winter sports, dance and any and all forms of movement to keep my body strong and happy (I’m just not a gym person).
And then a happy discovery at Living Yoga & Health, my very first Pilates class. This tour took me through years of certifications in mat, reformer machine and equipment to becoming certified in Oct 2017 with Pilates Specializations in Anatomy & Biomechanics and Post Rehab.
This continuing practice of exploring ways of movement, ways of keeping bodies strong, supple and vibrant for healthy, zesty living is what I hope to give to my students.



Sept 11, 2017

It was lovely to see so many people at the Open House on Saturday September 9th. The occasion reminded Jacqueline and I of our wedding day. This was because in the same way, family and friends stepped up and helped us do all the things that needed doing – painting, decorations, food and raising lots of energy. The occasion was like an “old school” barn-raising.

We both took great pleasure in seeing everyone, and seeing everyone connect with each other: teachers, friends, old students, new faces and of course, my Mom. Our hope is that over time Living Yoga & Health becomes a place of real community and connection, for all of us.

Thanks so much everyone,
Jacqueline and Ken
P.S. We are very sorry about the confusion around the date of our Open House. An email went out that said it was on the Sunday. There was a quick correction by email, however by then the seeds of confusion were sown. So sorry! Anyway we really appreciate all of your support and look forward to seeing you soon.