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News: June Workshops & Transitions

Transitions at the Studio

“And suddenly you know:
It’s time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginnings.” ~ Meister Eckhart

Recently, I let you all know that I would be stepping down as director of Living Yoga & Health as of August 31st. At that time, I expressed a hope that someone would see this as an opportunity to take the studio into its next evolution. I am thrilled to be able to announce that Jacqueline Gilbey and Ken Hood have agreed to take on this role together.

Jacqueline is well-known to many of you from her years of teaching at the studio and her leadership in our Yoga Teacher Training program. You may also recognize her from her many years at Macondo bookstore, prior to the closing of that downtown landmark.

Ken has been leading meditation groups at the studio on Sunday mornings for almost as long as we both can remember. He is also well-known at the Bookshelf, where he has been an invaluable resource for book recommendations in an eclectic range – spiritual and otherwise!

We will strive to make this transition as easeful as possible.

With a very happy heart, Jayelle

The Walking Series

Sundays with Gina Giammarco


June 4

June 11 (Nordic Pole Walking)

June 18 (Nordic Pole Walking II)

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Walking is something most of us do everyday. As a mode of transport to get from here to there, to calm busy minds, for exercise or for pleasure, walking is one of the basic functional movements of being human. Think of the fun when watching toddlers learning how to walk. “Toddler” is the perfect descriptive label, yes?

Then we grow past the toddler phase, limbs lengthen, joints become stronger as growing bodies move with the suppleness, strength and boundless energy that is the joy and freedom of childhood.

Over the years as we progress ultimately to adulthood and its varying stages, our walking pattern can become severely compromised. Feet, ankles, knees and hips are just some of the areas where joint mobilization has probably been affected from our day to day activities.

The pelvis and spine, shoulders and neck are also areas where the ineffeciency of joint function can inhibit our movement. Walking is and should be a full body activity but pain can often keep us from enjoying this simple pleasure. As a health giving activity, the benefits of learning the hows and whys of whole body joint function and movement further enhances and magnifies those benefits.

These 3 workshops are all about walking well. Relearning how to use the joints of the body with the engineered intelligence they were born with. Take all 3 or just one. Learn gait mechanics and the functional mobilization that enables movement with ease, strength and grace.

The second and third workshops in the series are dedicated to Nordic Pole Walking. Talk about an efficient use of the whole body! Nordic Pole walking was developed as a summer alternative to cross country skiing. If you’ve never tried it, learn how to “climb the path” using your upper and lower body to improve core strength, double your cardio output and your metabolic rate.

What’s that? Don’t have Nordic Poles? Here’s a link to my favourite brand and style from Nordixx:

All workshops will be a combo of indoor and outdoor work so please dress for movement and weather conditions. And don’t forget to bring comfortable, appropriate footwear for hitting the streets.