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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

This 8 week MBCT series stems from the evidence based teachings of Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale the founders of MBCT.

MBCT is an effective approach that teaches people how to make significant changes in their relationship between thoughts, feelings and body sensations to support their mental health. MBCT has grown from its original focus on prevention of depressive relapse and has been adapted for other populations including general stress and to prevent burnout in a wide range of workplace settings.

This program will include step by step instructions, active guidance and practice will be an integral part of this series. Audio files of MBCT exercises will be available to participants.

Who can attend? Adults experiencing stress, burnout, depression or anxiety, who are able to commit to an 8 week series program.  Participants must be followed by a health care provider during the time they attend this program. Participants may attend as beginners to mindfulness or have had some previous experience. People experiencing an acute episode of depression or anxiety that is not stable, would not benefit from this program.

Benefits of Mindfulness?

Research shows the benefits of MBCT as:

What do we ask of participants? We ask that participants are willing to learning how to meditate, and have the capacity to attend a 2 hour group session once weekly for eight weeks. Participants will be encouraged to meditate daily for approximately thirty minutes or longer. There will also be a half day retreat in the fifth week.

Patients must be referred by a clinician.

Appropriate referrals: Patients wanting to learn how to better manage the stress in their lives, including those experiencing mild depression, anxiety or a chronic illness, may benefit.

Inappropriate referrals: Patients with acute severe depression, acute suicidality, psychosis, active symptoms of PTSD/flashbacks, history of violent behaviours, or those actively using substances which may impair their ability to participate will not benefit.

The MBCT is taught in a group setting however we do not offer “group therapy”. We will be available to participants for questions and coaching during sessions, but participants are asked to maintain a therapeutic relationship with a primary clinician or physician, should they require emergency assistance. 

Research/Evidence for Mindfulness: