Living Yoga & Health

Class Descriptions

All Levels

A class suitable for students who have some familiarity with yoga or have been practising for many lifetimes! A variety of yoga asanas and breathing practices which change from week to week. All ages and stages welcome.

Beginner & Beyond

A class suited for those who are absolute beginners or ready to move past the introductory elements of yoga and into a deeper understanding of the postures, breathing, and movement. Students will be encouraged to deepen their own body awareness, while poses and new variations of poses are introduced.


Begin at the beginning with guidance and instruction in the safe and rewarding practice of yoga postures, breathing and deep relaxation. Focus is on breathing and moving with awareness. Benefits of poses and modifications for different abilities will be offered.

Dynamic Movement

Drawing from yoga, pilates and mindfulness practices, this is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of their body and their ability to move it. Explore functional movement, focus on connective tissue and joint health, strengthen weak areas, mobilize tight areas and consider reorganizing your structure for every day activities.


Students have an understanding of the basics of asanas, pranayama and mindfulness and wish to deepen their practice with variations and more challenging adaptations to the practice.

Sunrise Yoga

Welcome the morning with an energizing practice of breathing and yoga poses. Some yoga experience recommended but not absolutely essential.


Join others who are experiencing the amazing changes that pregnancy brings to your body. This class includes information sharing as well strengthening poses and breathing practice to prepare moms-to-be. Click "Read more" below, for Prenatal Waiver.Read more...

Over 50 & Gentle

Classes include more warm-ups and fewer poses per class. Emphasis is placed on preventing injury and mitigating the effects of aging while remaining at ease in the body.

Hatha Flow

Focus on linking breath with dynamic, fluid movements, building cardiovascular endurance and strength. Based on the ashtanga primary series, focusing on the standing postures. Poses may be held for multiple breaths to condition the muscles, develop core awareness, and improve balance. Guidance and modifications will be offered. Previous yoga experience recommended.

Chakra Yoga & Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a transformative practice for the mind and body. Practiced entirely in a supported relaxed position (savasana) that allows you to remain in complete physical stillness. Guidance is provided with an exploration of the energy centres (Chakras). All welcome.

Mom Yoga

Offered as a Workshop Series. A great class to get you out and about with your pre-crawling little one! Enjoy taking the time to stretch and release the tension from your new mom body. Particular attention is given to each mom's healing and energy, to ensure your experience is positive and useful for your day-to-day. Babies will join us for some of the poses.

Kids' Yoga

Offered as a Workshop Series. Playful, flowing class, geared towards yogis aged 5-11 years old. Breathing exercises, yoga flows and partner poses. Enjoy games to enhance body awareness, and creative movement. Mindfulness and imagery are used to aid children in gaining a sense of calm and balance.

Baby Yoga

Offered as a Workshop Series. Newborn to Almost Crawler. Yoga poses designed to support your baby’s development. Filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby's digestion and sleep. Babies enjoy yoga on their backs, tummies or held in loving arms. Meet other moms, get support and discover your baby's emerging personality.

Tot Yoga

Offered as a Workshop Series. Able Crawlers to 24 Months. Supportive, fun-loving and active. Watch tots become more confident as they are encouraged and supported in their physical explorations. Playfully practice yoga poses with assistance from a parent, while sitting, standing, walking and jumping.

Tyke Yoga

Offered as a Workshop Series. Yoga poses, songs, stories and games create an enriching parent/child activity. Designed to suit your Tyke's curiosities while learning yoga through social interaction, repetition and play. Learn to relieve frustration, improve motor skills, and increase attention span.