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Class Descriptions

Accessible Chair Pilates @ Flo

This class is held at Flo Space, 260 Waterloo Avenue in Guelph. Parking is directly in front of the studio and there are no stairs. The class is done entirely with the support of a chair, no need to get down on the ground. Drawing from yoga, pilates and mindfulness practices, this is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of their body and their ability to move it. Explore functional movement, focus on connective tissue and joint health, strengthen weak areas, mobilize tight areas and consider reorganizing your structure for everyday activities. Props, including chairs, are provided. Friday mornings, 10:30am-11:30am.


Beginner’s mind, beginner’s body. This class is for those wanting a systematic way of exploring and learning how to move safely through the primary beginner poses and breathing practices. We start from the ground up: moving from grounding the feet and legs, all the way up to extending the spine, with introductions to the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga in between. Each class integrates and builds on the previous week's learning and exploration. Absolutely no experience necessary!

Deep Practice, Deep Release

A practice of being compassionate. This practice invites you to have an inward experience to enhance the ability to listen to your inner wisdom that guides you in the flow of life. Classes begin with an emphasis on being present in your body, sustaining a flowing breath and warming up. The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance body, mind & spirit. The overall experience is one of learning to love and nurture yourself. Meditation (5 – 10 mins) gives you the opportunity to listen to your inner wisdom and connect deeper with your true self. Pace: Moderate. All levels welcome.

Deepen Your Practice

Yoga is said to uproot the causes of suffering; a practice that transforms the mind and body from their conditioned habits of fear and delusion to a state of openness and clarity. So how is this going for you? Michael Stone, in his book The Inner Tradition of Yoga, writes: "the point of practice is not the goal but the way the different stages of the path propel us into a more open and sincere way of being." Whether you have just stepped on the path, or have been here for decades, the teachings of yoga offer directions from a place of contraction to one of spaciousness. Stepping onto our mat is like choosing a vehicle. We can then ask ourself, Where am I going? Am I there yet? Deepen Your Practice is an investigation into the philosophical aspects of the practice. Together we will explore what the yogis meant by suffering (dukkha) and the causes of suffering (klesas). Through the postures (asanas) we will practice ways that move us beyond what keeps us stuck and towards a place of insight and freedom. For experienced students with an interest in inquiry and practice.

Evening Practice

Come to Evening Practice after your day and feel the benefits of letting go. For a more precision and alignment based class, and for those having taken Level 1, the Monday night 7:30pm Level 2 class is for you. Need something looser and more playful? Thursday night 7:30pm Level 1-2 is for you.

Flow and Roll

Flow and Roll is a fusion class, exploring traditional Hatha flow and introducing the concept and practice of myofascial release. This class will leave you feeling strong and relaxed, as though you’ve had a self-guided massage.


Yoga asana and breathing practices are built from a reliable, safe foundation. More attention and detail will be given to the fundamentals of movements, including breath, strengthening, alignment and ease as we continue to explore the roots of the practice in varied sequences.

Gentle Yoga without Stairs

This class is held at Flo Space, 260 Waterloo Avenue in Guelph. Parking is directly in front of the studio and there are no stairs. This class focuses on ways of gently reintroducing us to our body and mind. We will learn how to move with more ease, less tension, and a greater sense of compassion towards ourselves. This is a good choice for those looking for a restorative practice integrated with ways of building strength and mobility. All props are provided. Tuesdays 5:45pm-7pm.

Hatha Flow Level 2

Hatha Flow is an energetic and mindful form of Asana/pose where students fluidly move from one Asana/pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. For students who have taken a level 1 class and have some knowledge of the poses.

Hatha Yoga @ Flo

This class is held at Flo, 260 Waterloo Ave, a beautiful studio on ground level and with free parking right out front. A Traditional Hatha Yoga class with variations for every type of student. The goal is to move through the entire body in a way that promotes strength, flexibility and detoxification; leaving students with a sense of balance and ease to carry them through their week.

Hips and Hamstrings

A class geared towards anyone experiencing tightness or a reduced range of motion in their hips and/or hamstrings. This is an excellent class for athletes or those wanting to improve their flexibility, stability and range of motion.

Intermediate Women

Jayelle Lindsay has offered this class at this time on Tuesdays since Living Yoga & Health’s beginning in 1995. We gladly carry on the tradition! Working with subtle movements and deep intentions we grow stronger, find our balance and move with ease. Expect both static and active movement integrated with breath, sounding, and meditation. A class for women who have taken a beginner class, or level one, and are looking for more focus and challenge.

Introduction to Meditation

This series is intended for beginners, and is a simple, practical introduction to meditation/mindfulness and its many benefits. We will cover six essential practices such as calming the mind, seeing clearly and self-compassion. Chairs are available and all are welcome. Please do not wear any heavy colognes or perfumes as they can cause distraction, and allergic reactions in others.

Kids Yoga After School

Our after school Kids Yoga program incorporates age appropriate kids yoga postures, brain gym activities, breathing exercises, cooperative yoga games, creative movement, meditation, relaxation, and simple visualization exercises in a fun, supportive, friendly environment. All classes include a healthy gluten and nut free snack (ages: 4-11). This is a pre-registered class. Please pre-register by Sept 7th.

Kids Yoga on a PD Day

Fridays: Sept 28th, Nov 2nd, and Nov 30th. Classes incorporate age appropriate kids yoga postures, brain gym activities, breathing exercises, cooperative yoga games, creative movement, meditation, relaxation, and simple visualization exercises in a fun, supportive, friendly environment. These fun-led energetic classes also include a craft and two healthy gluten and nut free snacks. Please pre-register a week in advance. Ages 4 - 11 $25 + hst, or $67.50 + hst for all 3 classes ($5 + hst for extra sibling)

Kripalu Inspired Hatha - Beginner

More details coming soon!

Midweek Meditation to Decompress

Drop-in on any Wednesday in July for an extended, guided meditation that will help you calm your mind, open your heart and deeply relax your body. You will be laying on the floor, supported by pillows and covered with a blanket, while being led through a “body scan” practice. These mid-week sessions can restore your emotional balance; strengthen your focus in the face of constant distraction; offer a powerful tool for working with pain; be a stepping stone towards establishing an ongoing mindfulness practice; offer a support for a better night’s sleep. There will a few surprises, including chocolate!

Mindfulness Meditation

Using simple practices to focus the attention we will explore ways to settle the body, calm the mind, and open the heart. Expect guided instructions each week followed by a 20-30 minute sit (on a cushion, bench, or chair). Discussion will follow with a chance to ask questions and share your experience. This class is by donation.

Mindful Movement

“This living in a human body isn't easy” (Chris Germer). We humans have the experience of unease in our own bodies at various times in life. The sensations of deep sadness, grief, shame and guilt, and so many others, are uncomfortable and we use strategies such as ignoring, distraction or numbing to push these away. Imagine befriending all of what arises! In the Guest House Rumi suggests that we welcome and entertain them all. In this class, we’ll explore the possibilities available to us, to be curious about all of what arises in this human body and maybe even be able to witness to softening of these difficult states in the body. In the same way that asana practices soften tension, tightness and pain in the body, we can affect emotion similarly. There is nothing to get rid of, but rather approach these states with acceptance, compassion. We begin to develop courage when we face the difficult. The experience of stress, anxiety and trauma can result in a sense of disconnection from our own body, or a lack of ease and peace in the body. The intention in this class is to provide a safe space to explore yoga and mindfulness, using the principles of ‘Trauma Sensitive Yoga’. In an environment that is non-judgemental, non-competitive and non-harming, you will be offered guidance, but also be encouraged to make choices for your own practice. No physical assists or corrections will be offered. The practices are gentle, suitable for beginners and those with experience in yoga. The specific practices or forms chosen will encourage the participant to find some freedom of movement in the body, to develop self awareness in a safe environment and to calm the central nervous system. You are welcome to contact Elisabeth directly if you wish to discuss the class further.

Morning Practice

Start your day with a Morning Practice to get grounded and open your heart. Find strength and stability to face your day with confidence. Awaken the mind to bring lightness and compassion to yourself and to those we meet as move through the day.

Movement Dynamics Pilates

Drawing from yoga, pilates and mindfulness practices, this is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of their body and their ability to move it. Explore functional movement, focus on connective tissue and joint health, strengthen weak areas, mobilize tight areas and consider reorganizing your structure for every day activities.

Over 50 & Gentle

Classes include more warm-ups and fewer poses per class. Emphasis is placed on preventing injury and mitigating the effects of aging while remaining at ease in the body.

Parent & Child

This family-friendly class is for yogis of all ages who would like to join in practice together. Participants will be lead through breathing exercises, flowing movement and yoga asanas. Those with young babes will be given options for postures that include their little ones. Older children can join in our yoga flows, using yoga cards or books provided to identify their favourite postures. Registration recommended, drop-ins welcome.


Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change for your body and life. It is an exciting time. It can also be an overwhelming time. Each pregnancy is unique and so these classes give you the chance to explore a variety of poses and breathing practices that can bring comfort and restfulness to your body and happiness and calm to your mind. Take this time to nurture yourself. There will be ample time for discussion and to share your pregnancy experiences. Have fun, feel supported by other moms-to-be in the class, and look forward to friendships that will grow after little ones arrive. No previous yoga experience is required. Please note: this is not a labour preparation class and it should not replace the healthcare schedule and program you are currently following. It is intended for enjoyment and as an addition to a fit, healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

Refine and Deepen

For those curious to explore your inner landscape, investigate your boundaries and meet your edges with compassion and curiosity. This class will refine and deepen your foundation and understanding through a play of flow, held postures, pranayama and more. Deepen your practice and expand your awareness. For continuing students with a strong understanding of fundamental safety, alignment and movement principles.

Slow Flow

Ease into your day with the sweetness of breath based fluid, gentle movement and a kind and mindful attention. Our exploration will include somatic, range of motion, spinal movements and self exploration. Appropriate for all levels.

Sunrise Yoga and Meditation

The perfect way to greet the middle of your week, awaken and begin the day with intention. Practice will include a nourishing blend of meditative mindset, embodied movement, active varied flow, restful postures and seated meditation to integrate into your day.

Teen Yoga

Teen yoga classes are an opportunity for students to move, rest and relax. In this supportive, non-competitive environment, students will have the opportunity to experience yoga poses, somatic movement and then rest in restorative yoga postures and relax during a meditation technique call Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep. This is the perfect class for busy teens who need some time to slow down and rest and for anyone working with anxiety and stress. This is a pre-registered class only. Please pre-register by Sept 7th.

Weekend Wake Up!

This Saturday morning class is for those who are needing to decompress, unload, and let go. We move the spine in all directions with flow, stillness, breath, and meditation. This is a wonderful class to develop strength, stamina, and flexibility while letting go of the aggressive habits of pushing, pulling, and judgement. While we encourage all levels of practice to this class, we recommend that you have some familiarity with yoga, or another body/mind centered practice.

Yoga - Dance

This Saturday pick-me-up is not your typical yoga class. An active blend of flowing yoga sequences with soulful, playful dance grooves. Lisa leads you through yoga-dance on and off the mat. This term's playlist includes music by Xavier Rudd, Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble, Bob Marley, Lauren Hill, Maroon 5, James Bay, Danny Michel, Feist... and more! Try our Free class Saturday September 15th to see what it's all about. Fall session runs October 13th through December 1st. Registration recommended, drop-ins welcome.

Yoga for Men

This class has been affectionately called "Broga" amongst its practitioners. We work on stretching the legs, releasing the hips, undoing tension in the shoulders. We practice letting go and being present. Each class ends with time for relaxation.