Living Yoga & Health helps you find rejuvenation of your spirit, relief from stress and physical discomfort in an atmosphere of non-competition and self-acceptance. Instruction in safe postures, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises are available for new students as well as those who wish to move more deeply into their yoga experience.


The Living Yoga studio warmly invites you to two quiet and inviting spaces that are available to explore movement, breathing and relaxation. Our space includes a library with books, CDs and other resources, yoga equipment such as blankets, mats, ties and cushions as well as a change room. We are located steps away from the square in downtown Guelph.


All levels of yoga instruction include warm-ups, poses, breathing and relaxation practices, and various meditation techniques. Qualified instructors offer classes for prenatal, toddlers, children, teens, adults, and those over 50. All ages will develop improved body consciousness and control to increase ease and ability to function in everyday activities.