Living Yoga & Health

Yoga can give us the possibility to create space between one action and another, between a breath and another breath, between a thought and another thought. Therefore, keep your body relaxed, sensitive, awake and your mind fully alert and watchful.

— Vanda Scaravelli

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Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to support everyone who visits the studio in finding rejuvenation of spirit, relief from stress and physical discomfort and guidance in the yoga practices which nurture these goals. Our classes encourage non-competition and self-acceptance. Our motto is "Taking time for yourself is a gift for everyone."

The Yoga Experience

The Living Yoga studio warmly invites you to two quiet and inviting spaces that are available to explore movement, breathing and relaxation. We are located steps away from the square in downtown Guelph.


Qualified instructors offer classes for prenatal, toddlers, children, teens, adults, and those over 50. All ages will develop improved body consciousness and control.